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The FinFET Revolution is Changing Computer Architecture

The arrival of FinFETs, starting in the 20 nm CMOS logic process node, has been justly credited with saving Moore’s Law. Just as our ability to continue scaling planar MOSFETs began to come apart, the FinFET’s vastly superior channel control came to the rescue, taming leakage currents and opening the way to continued voltage scaling. […]

CATEGORIES : All, System Architecture, System Management, Uncategorized/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

Sorting Out Embedded Vision Systems

Papers at this year’s Embedded Vision Summit suggested the vast range of ways that embedded systems can employ focused light as an input, and the even vaster range of algorithms and hardware implementations they require to render that input useful. Applications range from simple, static machine vision to classification and interpretation of real-time, multi-camera video. […]

CATEGORIES : All, System Architecture, Uncategorized/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

The Internet of Things Can Drive Innovation – If You Understand Sensors

A massive shift is happening in technology: everything is getting connected to the Internet. The convenience and power of the Internet makes these products much more valuable, so companies are rushing to get their Internet of Things (IoT) (Figure 1) products to market. But success in this rush requires expertise in sensors, wireless communication, and […]

CATEGORIES : All, Uncategorized/AUTHOR : Walt Maclay