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System Security: A Model from Medieval History

As one security expert has said, system security is not a thing, it is a process. In our increasingly connected—and increasingly hostile—environment, security has become a continuous case of new attacks leading to new countermeasures, followed by more innovative new attacks, and so on. Just as the Cold War arms race sapped the resources of […]

CATEGORIES : All, Embedded system, System Security/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

The IoT Becomes the Web of Things

Drawn by the scent of huge revenues, great powers are converging on the Internet of Things (IoT). From far up the supply chain semiconductor companies are setting in motion the myriad hardware pieces—tiny microcontroller units (MCUs) for Things, energy-efficient SoCs for hubs, and powerful accelerators for cloud data centers—that will underlie the IoT. From the […]

CATEGORIES : All, Embedded system/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson