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No Safety without Security on the IoT

We have reached the stage in the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) where two independent processes have become self-sustaining. The first—the creative process—has begun to uncover genuinely compelling applications. Beyond $40 internet lightbulbs, in-refrigerator Webcams, and toothbrushes with smartphone apps, systems developers are starting to see—and to prototype—applications at the convergence of smart […]

CATEGORIES : All, Data Center, IoT, System Security, Wireless/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

System Security: A Model from Medieval History

As one security expert has said, system security is not a thing, it is a process. In our increasingly connected—and increasingly hostile—environment, security has become a continuous case of new attacks leading to new countermeasures, followed by more innovative new attacks, and so on. Just as the Cold War arms race sapped the resources of […]

CATEGORIES : All, Embedded system, System Security/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

Secure Embedded Systems: Digging for the Roots of Trust

Many embedded designs absolutely have to work right. A malfunction could do unacceptable harm to persons or property. Until recently, this requirement has been addressed through careful design and hardware reliability: if the software and the logic are right and there are no hardware failures, the system will work. But today we live in the […]

CATEGORIES : All, System Architecture, System Security/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

Inside-Out Security for the IoT

Many Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices are real-world objects like appliances and thermostats, and therefore network security should be a paramount concern for vendors of IoT systems. Nothing erodes trust faster than real-world and personal consequences: Imagine the headlines if your refrigerator stopped working because of a software bug! There are various layers of security to consider […]

CATEGORIES : All, Design Challenges, System Security/AUTHOR : Matt Osminer

IoT Security

Enthusiastic promotion for the Internet of Things (IoT) is rising like an all-pervading dawn over the electronics landscape. From home automation to transportation systems to telemedicine, the concept of connecting local devices—or even individual actuators and sensors—to the Internet is illuminating new wonderful possibilities. Manage your home from your smart phone? With the IoT it’s […]

CATEGORIES : All, Design Challenges, System Security/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson