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From Here to 5G: A Roadmap of Challenges

Deploy 5G wireless networks by 2020! From research labs to service providers, these words have come to define a shared goal, almost a mantra. As a goal, the words justify all manner of R&D activities. But as a mantra, they betray a fundamental lack of definition. Just what is 5G? And what problems must we […]

CATEGORIES : IoT, Wireless/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

System Security: A Model from Medieval History

As one security expert has said, system security is not a thing, it is a process. In our increasingly connected—and increasingly hostile—environment, security has become a continuous case of new attacks leading to new countermeasures, followed by more innovative new attacks, and so on. Just as the Cold War arms race sapped the resources of […]

CATEGORIES : Embedded system, System Security/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

When System Designers Must Care About Silicon IP

As systems-on-chips move into next-big-thing markets like autonomous vehicles or the Internet of Things (IoT), SoC designers are facing new kinds of requirements—environmental, life-cycle, reliability, and security, for example—completely foreign to their experience in consumer or communications applications. These requirements, in turn, are changing the way SoC developers must evaluate and integrate intellectual property (IP). […]

CATEGORIES : Automotive, intellectual property, SoC/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

The IoT Becomes the Web of Things

Drawn by the scent of huge revenues, great powers are converging on the Internet of Things (IoT). From far up the supply chain semiconductor companies are setting in motion the myriad hardware pieces—tiny microcontroller units (MCUs) for Things, energy-efficient SoCs for hubs, and powerful accelerators for cloud data centers—that will underlie the IoT. From the […]

CATEGORIES : Embedded system/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

System on Chip, or System on Chips: The Many Paths to Integration

System on chip means putting everything you can on one die. Only lack of technology, major process incompatibility, or physically running out of real estate have seemed valid excuses for taking a multi-die approach to integration. But these ideas are ending. Today new options, including lower-cost multi-die packaging, novel uses of high-speed serial transceivers, and […]